+13.12.2018 Året magazine. Selected to shoot for the November issue of Året magazine. Published at Bladr gallery, Copenhagen. 

+17.08.2018 Fotomarket at Fotografisk Center. Part of photo market hosted by UngtRum at Fotografisk Center, Copenhagen.

+23.02.2018 Opening night of Prang. group show
Curated and exhibited at
  Skabelonloftet, Copenhagen.

+21.10.2017 An Illustrated Prose, zine
Collaboration with writer Krista Alexandersdóttir
 100 copies hand sewed and numbered.
published at Copenhagen Zine Fest 2018

Graduation from Fatamorgana, the Danish school of Art photography.

+2016 Fierce Mild, zine
Xeroxed and hand sewed 150 copies
 published in Malmö, Sweden.

+2016 Japanese bondage 3 zine
150 copies hand sewed and numbered.

+07.01.15 Opening night of first private show titled
 "Reykjavík Los Angeles" at The Coocoos Nest, Reykjavík.

+23.12.14 Photos up for sale at the Eyrin Verzlun art store.

+14.11.14 Japanese Bondage#2 zine release party
 150 copies hand sewed and numbered.
Later appeared on the English photographic
 website www.onegiantarm.com

+23.08.14 "Reykjavík Culture Night" published the
 first volume of the ongoing zines called
"Japanese Bondage"
 100 copies hand sewed and numbered.

+29.11.13.Graphic designer, photographer and co-owner of the fictional skateboard company  "Fiction co." 

+2010 until 16.05.14 Alien Workshop
Sponsored and affiliated with the world renowned
 skateboard company Alien Workshop(Mike Hill).
Feb.15 2013 Alien Workshop released a video with me
in collaboration with artist/musician Sin Fang,
 following a board graphic by Sin Fang.